By Tracey Moro

When it comes to getting the word out about your company or your organization, you must be a squeaky wheel to be heard. You have to be proactive in getting the word out, and know when and how to tell your story. The companies that do this – are the ones you read about, hear about and know about.

As a public relations/marketing professional with more than 30 years at my company Studio Communications, I have guided businesses on communicating their “stories.” Now that I have added Editor in Chief for Macomb Now Magazine to my list of titles, I’m the one receiving these “stories ideas” and determining which ones get printed. I’ve learned from both sides on how important it is to tell your story and how to do it right.

Start with brainstorming. Reach out to your team and discuss what you want the community to know about your company? Do you have a new product? Do you have new employees? Do you have customers who you think are terrific? Have you done a great job that is worth sharing? Do you have an event coming up?

Think about where you want your stories to be seen and read. What avenues are out there for your story to get told in? There are plenty. Start with your local newspapers, magazines, cable TV stations and local TV networks. Getting your story in the press gives authenticity to it so create a media list. This list should include editors and reporters, writers, their emails, phone numbers and addresses.

Send your stories to the media list – as a news release – or as a story idea – with clear thoughts, using the basic who, what, why, and how format. Be concise and get your main message across in the first paragraph and then go on to explain more specifics. Finish up with details, pricing, contact info, website etc. Send this out through email and follow up with a phone call. Be sure to include who to contact and how. You may not get a response but that doesn’t mean the editor isn’t reading it. Send news releases every chance you can regarding every “story” possible. The more you do this the more the press will become familiar with you and your company. This consistency will eventually pay off.

Although it won’t be the same as the power of the press, you should also tell your story through the your own news portals. You can do an email blast, or post on social media, create your own publication or maybe create your own video or blog on your website for your own stories. Although these aren’t as notable as being in the news, they will still get you started in the art of storytelling.

By communicating your stories on a regular basis you will create a solid base for your customers of reasons why they should be doing business with you. Whether your story hits the evening news or not, starts with you doing your due diligence at being a squeaky wheel. Your stories can expand your business, create awareness, build branding and your bottom line – profits.

Tracey Moro is the Editor in Chief of Macomb Now Magazine. She encourages all companies to send her news releases and story ideas on a regular basis – to Visit