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The Macomb Advocacy for Business was organized to promote social welfare by:
– Developing and advocating for legislation, regulations and government programs to improve the environment, protect natural resources and stimulate the economy
– Conducting research and publicizing the positions concerning these issues
– Rating political candidates based on questionnaires and personal interviews to determine the candidate’s “business friendliness.”


Public Policy Principles

The following principles provide a framework to help guide Macomb County Chamber in developing positions on key pieces of legislation as the need arises.

1)  We believe in a free market, competitive economy. We support proactive business development and economic policies that create a more favorable business climate for our members.

2) We believe in a tax policy that encourages a level playing field and promotes business growth, economic development and competitive markets. We support streamlining and simplification of the tax code. We support right-sized government and responsible spending practices balanced against reasonable levels of taxation.

3)  We believe in health care policies that provide quality care at streamlined costs. We support incentives for wellness programs, generic drugs and evidence-based medicine. We support health programs that lead to greater cost efficiencies for businesses and their employees.

4) We believe in sustainable development. We support land use policies, practices and programs that focus on redevelopment and effective use of existing resources and infrastructure.

5)  We believe in a strong K-12 policy that provides quality education at high levels to all MacombCounty students regardless of socio-economic conditions. We support school district accountability measured by objective academic standards reported through an independent assessment process. We support curricula and programs that produce a job-ready workforce possessing skills that are required by our members and necessary to compete for 21st century jobs.