Do you feel like you have to many meetings to attend? Do you feel like these meetings are not effective?  Feel like nothing is getting done during these meetings?   We are all busy and have countless things to do. The last thing we want to do is go to a meeting which stops our productivity.

Meetings are a valuable source of information. This is a time for people to sit down and share information, provide updates, collaborate and take advantage of the diverse workforce. Of course, the first question you should ask is if a meeting is necessary? If it is, then consider following these steps.

  1. Have an agenda. Make sure that you have an agenda. This can be distributed either before or at the meeting.
  2. Make sure to invite only those who need to be in the meeting.
  3. Stick to the schedule. Adhere to the start and end times. If the meeting is set for 30 minutes, stick to 30 minutes. If you can’t make sure to ask participants if they can stick around or schedule a follow up meeting.
  4. Stay on track. If you find the group is getting off track pull them back in. Be gentle, but firm. Remind people that they are getting off topic and if it would be better to talk about that another time. People will appreciate this.
  5. Ban technology. It’s so easy to get caught up in emails, phone calls and text messages. Not using technology will allow the group to focus on the topic of discussion and eliminate distraction.
  6. Everyone participates. We all have something different and unique to bring to the table. Be sure to invite the participation and open discussion of others.
  7. Assign duties. Many meetings require that others complete tasks outside of the meeting. Make sure to assign these to the right people.
  8. At the end of the meeting go over what was discussed, who will be working on what and the next steps.
  9. Follow up. Follow up with anyone who had tasks to complete.

Good meetings are organized and well planned. Effective meetings boost productivity, speed up processes and improve employee morale.

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