What is company culture? How does company culture benefit the productivity of the employees? How can a business give more culture to a company?  All of these questions come to mind when thinking about ‘Company Culture’.


Company culture can be defined in many different ways. The values a business holds are the foundation of their company culture. In other words, the ‘personality’ of a company, or what they stand for. Now why is this important in a work place? Well, the happiness of an employee reflects on their productivity, which is crucial in the operations of a company. It is important to understand that happy employees = better environment = more motivation = higher productivity.


It’s a known fact that employees spend the majority of their days in the work place. That being said, it is key for employees to enjoy coming into the office every day. With a vibrant environment and positive interactions, employees will feel better spending most of their time in the office. “Corporate culture is a key driver to the success of a company. We cannot forget the human element of the business. We must invest in our people, believe that they can do what we hired them to do, support them along the way, be there and celebrate success.” said Emily Berger, Trion Solutions Hr Director. A solid company culture is bound to boost the morale of the employees.


The next question is, how can the business give a better company culture to their employees? The best way to improve company culture is to recognize the hard work of their employees. Giving rewards, recognition, money or otherwise, will motivate employees. Similarly, knowing how employees are feeling is key. Simply sending out a survey can provide the company with great feedback. As mentioned above, employees spend the most of their time at work. What better way to engage employees than to host activities or events outside of the office. Hosting activities off campus can help employees get to know their co-workers on a personal level which can ultimately boost the environment of the work place.


In a nutshell, a good company culture is a win-win situation for the company and their employees. The atmosphere will be more encouraging, and the employees will deliver more productivity, which is ultimately beneficial to the company.


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