Mt. Clemens, Mich., July 20, 2018– As the voice of business for Macomb County, the Macomb Advocacy for Business, operated by the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce, sent out questionnaires to selected pre-primary local, county and state election candidates.  A committee rates those candidates who respond to that questionnaire. Candidate ratings are based on the candidate’s knowledge of issues relating to economic development, business environment and the future of Macomb County. Those who were not evaluated did not respond to the Chamber’s questionnaire or did not schedule an interview. There will be additional interviews with other candidates for the general election.

“Our evaluation process is truly bi-partisan,” said Grace Shore, CEO for Macomb County Chamber. “This process was not about party affiliation. Our committee was looking for those individuals who are business friendly and can provide the right skill sets and innovation required to move the state and county forward.”

The pre-primary election ratings as determined by Macomb County Chamber include:

2018 Pre-Primary Election


Candius Stearns                   REP                  Not Evaluated

Martin Brook                         DEM                Not Evaluated

Andy Levin                            DEM                Well Qualified- Preferred

Ellen Lipton                            DEM                Not Evaluated



Paul Mitchell                         REP                  Not Evaluated

Frank Accavitti Jr.                DEM                Not Evaluated

Kimberly Bizon                      DEM                Qualified

Michael McCarthy              DEM                Qualified




Joseph Bogdan                    REP                  Minimally Qualified

Michael MacDonald           REP                  Minimally Qualified

Michael Shallal                     REP                  Minimally Qualified

Henry Yanez                          DEM                Well Qualified-Preferred

Mike Saliba                           LIB                   Not Evaluated


Representative in State Legislature- 25th District

Jazmine Early                        REP                  Not Evaluated

Nate Shannon                      DEM                Qualified


Representative in State Legislature- 36th  District

Scott Czasak                         REP                  Qualified

Frank Lams                            REP                  Not Evaluated

Karen Potchynok-Lund       REP                  Qualified

Tom Stanis                             REP                  Not Evaluated

Douglas Wozniak                 REP                  Qualified

Robert Murphy                     DEM                Not Evaluated

Kristopher Pratt                     DEM                Not Evaluated

Benjamin Dryke                    LIB                   Not Evaluated


County Commissioner- 4th   District

Steven Bahoura                   REP                  Not Evaluated

Joseph V. Romano             REP                  Not Evaluated

Paul M. Smith                        REP                  Not Evaluated

Carole Chi                             DEM                Qualified



County Commissioner- 8th   District

Phil Kraft                                 REP                  Not Evaluated

Kurt Kramer                           DEM                Not Qualified

James F. Munroe                 DEM                Qualified


County Commissioner- 11th   District 

Joe Salvaggio                      REP                  Not Qualified

John Tenny                            REP                  Minimally Qualified

Fred Barbret                          DEM                Well Qualified

Charles A. Frontera             DEM                Well Qualified

Harold L. Haugh                   DEM                Well Qualified



Not Evaluated – no sufficient information, or candidate did not want to be evaluated.

No Rating – candidate does not meet minimum standards for office.

Qualified – candidate has basic qualifications to perform duties of office.

Well Qualified – candidate has special qualifications for office.

Preferred – used jointly with Qualified or Well Qualified to indicate Chamber’s preference for this candidate. The Macomb County Chamber rating committee may select one “preferred” candidate in a particular race.


About the Macomb County Chamber

Comprised of more than 1,000 businesses, and including various associates and elected officials, the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce supports established and new businesses operating in the county by providing business advocacy, marketing benefits, networking opportunities and community reputability.